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Kiko Goats

Located in Kansas America's Heartland

Anatolian Shepherd Livestock Guardian Dogs
Kiko Goats Purebred and Crosses

Our farm is in the hills of South Central Kansas, located just 25 miles southeast of Wichita. It is great goat and cattle country.  I have to admit, mostly cattle country at present, but there is great interest in our operation from our neighbors.  One of the comments we have been hearing is, “There is not a weed in Bloom’s pasture since they got those goats.”  Our Kiko goats clean up what the cattle leave behind.

We are in the meat goat business to make a profit, so our goats are bred to be pasture hardy with great maternal instincts, have a higher level of parasite resistance, and to need less hoof maintenance. 

Thanks for dropping by.  We love to have visitors whether it is on the web, in person, or on the phone. Alan and I are always ready to talk goats with someone.



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