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Bloom Valley Farm is a member of the AKGA, IKGA, NKR, and KMGA.

Our current herd consists of Purebred Kiko Goats and commercial goats that are a cross of Kiko, Boer, and Spanish.  All our does are bred with Purebred Kiko Bucks

The first goats that we purchased were 50% & 75% Boer does.  We soon took a hard look at Kiko goats.  In them we found many of the characteristics we were looking for in a meat goat.

The Kiko goat is well known for its exceptional maternal instincts and the ability of the new born to survive with minimum intervention. The Kiko is an aggressive forager and is able to achieve substantial weight gains living off of pasture and scrub brush.  Our Kikos have needed less parasite treatment and very little hoof maintenance. 

Since our goal as meat goat producers is to raise and breed pasture hardy goats that we donít have to coddle through the birth process and spend all of our time on goat maintenance, we think the Kiko is the breed for us.


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